Day 4 - Whole 30

Day 4

Breakfast - Grapefruit, 2 Eggs Scrambled with Turkey Sausage

Lunch - Egg Salad wrapped in Lettuce Wraps

Dinner -

No Cross Fit today....but extremely sore from yesterday....did squats with weights and my lower back is extremely sore! Allergies still crazy...and getting some energy back but still not ready to go run a marathon!

Another try at WHOLE 30.

Here I go with another try at a Whole 30.

On my second week of Cross Fit and ready to make a serious change with my eating and my body....something needs to give here. Getting down to one pair of jeans left in my closet and I refuse to buy any more until I am back to where I know I can LET's DO THIS....Both feet in!

DAY ONE was May Day - May 1st.

Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs with Sautéed Red Peppers and Onions Mixed in with a small side of shredded potatoes.

Lunch - Shredded Beef on top of Cauliflower Rice.

Dinner - Hamburgers and I had mine on an Eggplant Bun.

Snacks....Apples and Watermelon


Already want to let it a bad case of allergies on Day One and it had my head just all clogged up for my first back to real life day of the know husband is off in Nebraska working and kids at school.

I headed to Cross Fit...Check - Got that in...Last part of the WOD, a mile run, I got the 800 meter mark and there went my much pain that it hurt to …

Makes Me Happy From The Heart...

This morning...I am having an at home morning with of course my little side kick angel.

Hubby just got home from a goose hunting trip and we have about another 9 geese to de-breast and put in the freezer. So we can do something with them in the newer future...make jerky, sausage, smoke...something?

So as I take the goose bones (why do I not want to say carcasses here? Is it the idea of a dead animal sitting on the side of the road that I relate with that word...and here I am roasting them to make poultry broth out of them.) Well, anyways, I took them out of the oven and was getting the water ready for them as I noticed how happy it makes me to be able to walk outside my door and grab parsley, thyme and sage to add to my pot. I just love being able to grow items that are real and I don't have to worry if something has been added to it...colors, artificial flavorings, preservatives.

Well, it made my heart happy and brought a smile to my face.

Addie played in the garage while I took …

Sunday Morning....On the Farm...

Usually off to church and home by now...but today it is a lazy Sunday morning. Seahawks are now on for their first season game and coffee is brewing!

The morning started with Addie crawling into bed and waking me up...crawled right over the top and into the blankets next to me...pulling them up tight under her chin. Ah the moments.

Soon there after we were off to the garden, Addie and I to collect whatever we could find.

Looking for tomatoes to add to the ones we have been saving so we can start the canning process...going to try to roast them today and then can them. We will see how it goes. Farming, gardening, canning all trial and error in my opinion.

After collecting tomatoes and pulling a few weeds we came across where the mole had been and realized that we would be picking a cantaloupe and trying it this morning since the mole had already had a sample of it. Yummy it was tasty, definitely would of been better in a few months...but that was not going to happen so we enjoyed it as…

We Have Moved...Card?

As many of you know, we moved. I had great intentions of sending out a Christmas/We Have Moved Card....then it turned into a Valentine's Day/We Have Moved Card...and well now here it is..."We Have Moved." Give me a call and I will share our physical address we would love to have you swing by and see our new place.
We have been busy with a little bit of everything from new chickens, new goats, basketball season that turned into baseball season, planting a little, trying to slowly get the yard done, organizing and continually cleaning! Really where does the time go because as I type what we have been up to, I really feel like it is not much but it seems like we do not have much down time. There is always something on the agenda. I am sure I do not feel alone in this.

As summer quickly approaches and another school year is added to the books. It is amazing to see all that has happened in one school year. To think we started this school year living in a fifth wheel. Seems a…


Kids are back in school....
We are almost all unpacked....
I am in my new home....
Trailers are long gone off of the property....
Elk were grazing along the lake when I woke at 2 am....
Baby is napping and I am enjoying a cup of coffee watching the fog over the lake in front of the warm fire....

The End...

Day 159 - Planning on it being the LAST in the trailer!

Ready for is the last week of our trailer living in as much of a nutshell as I can get it.

Really though, are you ready for this?

Let's start with Thanksgiving...

We left on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving...we left a hustle and bustle of feeling like we were on one of those Renovation TV shows...where they send you away for the night to return to this state of AWE and AMAZEMENT.

OK not to burst the bubble, this was not the case here.

So we left with:
- the bathroom tile being finished
- contractor's workers pressure washing, picking up "last" of garbage, any other odd end around
- plumber finishing
- bulldozer smoothing things out around the house
- window washer coming while we were gone

We returned with:
- window washer half way done
- plumber not finished
- bulldozer - not done with the job to our idea of done
- bathroom tile...needing yet more tile to finish?!?!
AND here are the b…